"As a project, we've changed and grown with all the great musicians that have surrounded and inspired us"

Caution Jam is celebrating their 25th year of playing their own brand of cowadelic music!

The founding members Eric Fefferman (guitar and vocals) and Les Garant (bass and vocals), will be joined by Jon McCann (drums) and Shai Peer (keyboards). Special guest for the evening is harmonica-wizard Carlos Del Junco.

Caution Jam has been on the Canadian music scene since the early'90's, doing extensive touring throughout the provinces with longtime member guitarist Mark Crissinger. They released two discs of original music, as well as two more discs featuring live recording of their shows.

The early years were spent following in the footsteps of the Merry Pranksters, touring in a converted 34-foot Western Flyer Bus with a platform welded over to roof, it was their stage, bus and home.

"We lived out of a Suburban pulling a trailer for over a decade. After 1995, there was a hole in the music Deadheads (fans of the Grateful Dead) wanted to listen to. "We were fans ourselves, so we were happy to try and fill that void" being featured in festivals like Nova Scotia's "Evolve" and Southern Ontario's "Come Together", Caution Jam was loved for their musicial twists on Grateful Dead favorites as well as Dylan, The Beatles, CCR, John Prine and so many more.


They still hold church on the last Saturday of every month at the venerable Grossman's Tavern on Spadina avenue in Toronto. Just recently at the passing of rock icon Chuck Berry, Caution Jam just instantly added 6 of Berry's songs into the set list. The room was packed with people dancing and loving every riff.

"Up on the dance floor or wherever you can find room to shake your bones, the boys rockin'. That's Caution Jam. - Brother Chris


Last Saturday of Every Toronto at Grossman's Tavern


Rock The Boat from Avner Levona on Vimeo.

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